Early Help

Early Help Services in Sutton

Information, advice and guidance on Early Help services in Sutton can be found here: sutton.gov.uk/earlyhelp.

Early Help assessments in Sutton

The Early Help Assessment Tool (EHAT) is an assessment tool used to fulfil statutory duties towards children and young people under Working Together 2018. It is designed to help practitioners develop a shared understanding of a child or young person's needs so that they can be met quickly and effectively. 

In Sutton we use the LSCP Threshold guidance for referral and assessment, and an overview of thresholds is available here. This enables us to understand changing levels of need and to identify when children and young people require referrals for statutory assessment. EH Assessments are usually started at Level 2 of the LSCP threshold guidance. We also refer to London Child Protection Procedures for additional guidance. 

 When to complete an Early Help Assessment

  • If you are worried about a behaviour, incident or information
  • Require more information to help you plan next steps to address an issue
  • The child, young person of family needs cannot be met by a single agency
  • If a parent expresses concerns

To access the Early Help assessment guidance and templates follow this link EHAT guidance and assessment templates

Before undertaking a new early help assessment it is important to find out if one has already been completed or started and if there is a Lead Professional, or if Social Services are involved. To do this, or for any other query, contact the Early Help Co-ordinator on childrensfirstcontactservice@sutton.gov.uk or call 0208 770 6001

A copy of the completed EHAT and should always be sent to childrensfirstcontactservice@sutton.gov.uk. For more information on Early Help Assessments visit this page

The Children's First Contact Service has now replaced the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) for safeguarding referrals into Children's Social Care. For more information on the service and to access the new referral form, please follow this link 

Sutton's Helping Early Strategy 

Sutton's Helping Early Strategy 2020-23 can be downloaded from the LBS wesbite here: https://www.sutton.gov.uk/downloads/file/2860/helping_early_strategy. The strategy, underpinned by Working Together 2018, seeks to address the needs of children and families in Sutton through coordinating the right kind of help and support, at the right time, with the community.

The strategy sets out:

  • Sutton's Helping Early approach;
  • Learning from evidence and insights: the needs of children, young people and families in Sutton;
  • What Helping Early will look like in Sutton; and
  • How Sutton will be accountable.